All About Vee’s Easy Vegan




Hi there!

Welcome to Vee’s Easy Vegan! My name is Vicki ( a.k.a Vegan Vee) and I am excited to share this blog with you!

Why should I consider eating plant based?

There are many reasons to consider vegan and plant based eating in your diet. Perhaps vegan eating appeals to you because of  health,  moral or allergy  concerns. Maybe you have a friend or family member who is a vegan and you want a recipe to prepare for them. Vee’s Easy Vegan can steer you in the right direction. I am a vegan home cook specializing in easy- to -prepare food ideas. The recipes I make frequently include ingredients which you may already have in your kitchen. I especially enjoy the challenge of “veganizing” dishes as well as making meals out of what is on hand. It is particularly rewarding to make vegan equivalents of processed and store bought products.

Often I hear people  considering vegan eating say “it is too hard or too expensive”. This is simply a vegan myth. I will show you the way to make vegan meals without  fuss. My family and I recently moved to a rural town after living in a city for 20 years. In the city there are unlimited options. In the country trying to find vegan foods has not always been as easy  though I have adapted to the environment. Often finding what you need a matter of asking stores to order it in. Some products can be ordered online. Perhaps a trip to the next biggest town is in order. There is always a way to make vegan food ( or a substitution!).

Who is Vegan Vee?

I am a mother of 2 “big kids” who live  in my heart,  though are forging their own lives in another country.  I also live with my small daughter, known as “little g” who  is vegan  and is proud to say so. I am married to an amazing (also vegan) partner, “Big G”, who happens to avoid gluten at all costs. While some of the recipes in the blog will be gluten free my focus is on vegan, plant based. We live with our rescue dog, Lola,  in rural Australia. Living in a country town as a vegan presents some unique and interesting challenges which I  consider to be  opportunities!

Apart from living a vegan lifestyle I have a keen interest in nutrition, spirituality,  frugal living, minimalism, sustainable living and animal rights. I am a person who makes an effort to infuse positive energy and compassion in all that I do. I am a voracious blog reader following blogs which cover my passions. Vee’s Easy Vegan will incorporate ideas and thoughts about my many interests as  they intersect with vegan living in so many ways. I will also share reviews, interviews and anything that takes my fancy.

Thanks for joining me at Vee’s Easy Vegan. Sign up and see what this blog is all about.

Questions, suggestions and are always welcome!



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